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In Nepal tourism is one of the growing service providing industry. It is the largest source of the foreign exchange and revenue. It has been contributing 3% GDP of the country. On 2017 around 1 million tourist visited Nepal from the different countries of the world.  It is gorgeous destination for adventurous, ecological and religious tourism. One can observe the unique confluence of different geologies, ecology, sociology and anthropology within 1000 KM lengths and 120 KM breaths.

The quality business is one of the major concern for tourism business for the sustainability, environmental justice and social profit. No business can sustain without social attachment. Few of the hotels, restaurants ‘and trekking companies have been promoting positive business in Nepal. The positive business is concern to earn the profit by ensuring all the social and cultural obligations and responsibilities. This concept has been internalized the sustainable use of resources for the benefits to the larger communities as well as mother earth. This is long term thinking to sustain the business for social profit.

The positive business can contribute for the economic as well as social development of the country like Nepal as it ensures the environmental justice, economic development, social inclusion and human rights with the quality services.

Hotel Raniban Arcade is located in the Lakeside Gaurighat Pokhara Nepal. It has 4 categories spacious, environmentally friendly and well-furnished room with the beautiful scenery access of Fewa Lake, Peace statute and Himalaya. The cozy and airy “Queen Forest Restaurant”, healthy and testy food and added the values of quality services. It is an ornate, neo-classically structured deluxe-premium hotel; located in the heart of nature, just beside the legendary Queen Forest (aka Raniban) wears its quirky heritage with pride. The hotel is ideally located a mere stone’s throw away from Fewa Lake.

Raniban Arcade is offering a comprehensive hospitality package to both in-bound and out-bound tourists from walk of their life as well as it has an immense respect for nature and utilize as many locally-available resources and organic products as possible, in order to minimize our carbon footprint. The hotel has a vision to be established as a trademark hospitality business with the fulfillments of all social, cultural and environmental responsibilities where customers from overall parts of the world can spend some quality time with their friends and family together.

It has been practicing promoting the positive business concept in hotel management. It has started its’ own farmland to grow the organic vegetable and herbs for its’ restaurant. It has been providing direct job to around 70 full time working staff and indirect jobs to various entrepreneurs including taxi drivers, trekking agents, tourist guides, farmers and interns. It is one of the good tax payers among the hoteliers. This hotel has fulfilled all the legal obligations directed by the Nepalese laws and international standards. It has been conducting training to staff members on wise use of the resources, respect of the human rights and welcome to the guests. It is connected with the various social, cultural, environmental and youth development activities. Its’ beautiful and environment friendly infrastructures, hospitable and responsible staff members and Appreciative Inquiry Approach of the management has been making it more positive and socially responsible hotel of the country. In near future, it has been serving to the community through the “Raniban Foundation” a social service wing of the Hotel. The board of directors of this hotels have been serving the local communities by direct involvement in various social organizations.






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