Do you want to inspire and motivate students to succeed? Would you like to create a platform to inspire the students? Do you want to invest for student’s success? If your answer is yes you can collaborate with Eastern Research Institute of Positive Science to unleash the positive potential of your students for outstanding success in upcoming board exam.

Many students of the schools are facing the multiple problems during their study periods. Some of the problems are found as follows:

  • Problems in student life / study
    • Difficulties in adapting in their academic life
    • Lack of motivation
    • Reduced performance
    • Examination stress
    • Lack of concentration
  • Problems in personal relations
    • Difficulties in all kinds of relations (family, professional, personal)
    • Low self-esteem
    • Loneliness
    • Stress, depression
  • Other problems
    • Dependencies
    • Special needs
    • Psychosomatic problems
    • Sleeping disorders
    • Eating disorders

A study (2011) revealed that the motivation, study habits, academic preparedness and attitude contributes 75% of student success. Attitude is one of the major contributors of the motivation for the students. The defined and intuitive academic goal make them positive towards examinations and use their full potential for exam preparedness. Due to lack of proper preparedness processes, many students scoreless then expectation in the exam. Appreciative Inquiry Approach help them to discover their strengths and plan for effective preparedness for their examinations.

What is ERIPS’ Motivation and Mentoring Program?

ERIPS’s  Motivation and Mentoring program (EMMP) is the Appreciative Inquiry based motivational and mentoring program designed to improve the individual performance that strives to:

  1. Inspire students to discover their strengths and improve learning.
  2. Expose students to craft their dream and align the dream with upcoming examination results.
  3. Encourage students to re-invent the strategy for success in upcoming examinations.
  4. Support students to develop the viable exam preparation plans and make good decisions.

EMMP aims to encourage students to eliminate all kind of anxiety, depression and frustration related to exam. Students are introduced with new possibilities, tools and techniques to cope up with the exam and secure good marks. EMMP compliment the students to secure good grade by opening their eyes to ideas, opportunities, possibilities, innovation and creativity. When students go through the process and examples of what they can become, they are more likely to take preparation seriously, do better academically and behaviorally in exam. Additionally, the program’s exposure overall motivational support and mentoring model provide powerful opportunities for all the needy students.

Program Operation Model:

ERIPS will collaborate with the schools and students to conduct the Motivational and Mentoring Program. Total 2 series of the workshop will be carried out during the process.

1st Workshop

One day workshop will be carried out among the students and teachers. This workshop will inspire students to discover the positive cores and major learning of their life. In the same workshop they will set new goal for final exam and link their learning with the final goal. In the workshop, the students will exchange their learning ideas and creativity. The students will develop the action plan and ERIPS will regularly follow up on the planned activities to be implemented through the email and telephone. Every Saturday conference call will be conducted to mentor the participants.

2nd Workshop

After two weeks, the 2nd workshop will be carried out and the whole progress will be reviewed. The students will review their previously set targets and develop new target for final exam. To achieve the new goal all participants will re-invent the new strategy. Based on the new strategy the participants will develop the daily operation plan for the final exam preparation.


The interested student can contact to ERIPS and register their name. The workshop will be operating from 9 AM. to 5 PM. For the further detail, please write on:

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