Positive School and Academic Leadership Development Training


A two days training on Positive School and Academic Leadership Development was conducted in Shri Dip Narayan Adarsha High School in Pachgawa, Parsa. In Total of 28 High School Teachers participated in the training. Eastern Research Institute of Positive Science (ERIPS) has provided the technical support as a part of corporate social responsibility to conduct the training.  The main objective of the training was to redefine the school as per the changed context and unleash the positive potential of school, teachers, students and community that bring the positive impacts in the individual life and entire society. The traditional school system is focused only on students’ mark-sheet and classroom up-gradations. However, the positive school development is focused on exploring new opportunities and utilizing the available resources including talents, abilities, skills and strengths in schools and surroundings. If these resources could be taped and utilized properly, teachers, students and parents could aid in contributing for the optimum positive impacts of the school. These are the resources that can generate extraordinary performance, both individually and collectively.

The resources like commitment, creativity, inspiration, generosity and integrity help in flourishing authentic academic leaders in all classes and levels of the school. The authentic academic leadership inspires students for creating the vision and mission of life based on their strengths and potential. They also facilitate for preparing the life skills such as optimism, resilience, growth mindset, engagement, and mindfulness by developing creative ideas, and developing the team work. Leadership capacity of the teachers is essential trait to the success of the school. Leadership skill foster an environment where school can be agile, innovative and creative.

Due to frequent changing trends of the world, our students need new skills to flourish in the 21st century. To cope up with the changed situation, this training has been able to train the teachers so that they can teach students to improve the characters and well-being skills. Positive school promote the positive education where students can learn the character, virtues, and competencies that support students’ well-being.

“This training has given a new outlook towards education. The concept is very much innovative and inspirational, and I believe this will help us to inspire students in a very creative way.”, said Ram Chandra Chaudhary, a physics teacher of the school. According to the principal of school Mr. Shiv Nath Chaudhary, this training has helped towards visualizing the school as an excellent academic institution of Parsa district. Mr. Chandra Kishor Mahato the president of management committee said that this training has shown various positive aspects of school education and schools’ relationship with the communities.

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