Positive Leadership and Communication for Cooperative Development Training was conducted on 14-19 September, 2019 at Hotel Robust Dhangadi to the Mercy Crop and its partner’s staff members of Kailai district in collaboration with Eastern Research Institute of Positive Science (ERIPS).  This training program was designed and conducted based on horizontal adult participatory learning principal. Appreciative Inquiry, Social Artistry, Peace Building and various strengths based approaches were applied in the training.

This training has helped participants to understand the meaning and values of the positive leadership and communication for effective development of the cooperatives in Kailai district.

The training has explored new opportunities to identify and analyze the ongoing and potential opportunities for positive leadership and communication for cooperative management and development sector in the changed context. This training helped participants to increase the confidence and inspired them to perform more positive and effective way, so that they can tackle with the inevitable changes that may occur in their regular duties.

Because of technological advancement, globalization and social movement, the realities have been changing and the world becoming closer day by day. Now the society has becoming a mix of many different beliefs, cultures and value system. The people are more connected and informed. The blended traditions, culture and belief system has created various new opportunities but that were not taught in any class room. Leaders need to learn and understand the changed values and belief system. The training has given opportunities to learn and cope with these newly emerged values, belief and culture in the changed context.

Positive leadership brings people together around a shared purpose and empowers them to step up and lead in such a way as to create value for all stakeholders. Positive leadership shaped a strong and authentic value based foundation. Practice of positive leadership in cooperative and municipalities can create new opportunities in this changed context.

Every person has enormous potential to be the positive leader. In an exercise, the participants discovered the various qualities of the leadership they possess.  Honesty, integrity, passion, accountability, learning attitude, caring, devotion are found as core characters of the participants. Based on these characters, they envisioned the new future of cooperatives and their services to the rural communities. Participants’ found that the training has discovered the ample opportunities to strengthen their cooperatives for the benefits of the marginalized communities.  

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