Robertson Work. (

People are suffering 

The earth herself groans with too-muchness 

Why are we here? 

What is our role – to create or destroy? 

My mission is to live with integrity 

To make a difference in other people’s lives 

To respect individual, gender and cultural differences 

There is real pride and joy when I see results 

How do we make a difference in peoples’ lives? 

How be one program, one team? 

How deal with vested interests? 

Is development a symphony or jazz? 

How do we change at the speed of the imagination? 

If words create reality, we must be very careful what 

      we say 

Perhaps the key is not an answer 

      but a question, a dialogue, an image, an 


How respond to Einstein’s challenge to 

      move to another level of consciousness? 

How shift from doing to being? 

How make for a happier life for 

      all beings? 

Systems matter but we appreciate 

      that people matter more 

Isn’t it really all about love? 

It is so simple 

We make it so complex, with 

      too many words, systems, frameworks 

Let us breathe in sweet air 

Let us embrace one another 

Let us shake off our ancient prejudices and 

      build the earth 

We are all connected and interdependent 

Separation is an illusion 


The great tree, the termites and Jack and the

      golden beans 

The bridge across the lake

The kaleidoscope and the dialogue between the UN and the


One common system for development


The one UN dance

The clever hero octopus with the sexy tentacles in

      the hydroplane 

The crayon Picasso with a hot sun, big drops

      of rain and a rainbow of people, dogs and 


That the SG is our leader, but we are not a

      monolithic organization 

That we must increase our efforts to help the most


That we need to revisit afresh UNDP’s relationship

      to program countries 

There is only change 

How flow with it? 

How dance with it? 

How be present to it? 

This beautiful blue-green marble spinning, soaring 

      through space 

This is our home 

We are one family 

May all beings be happy 

May all beings be at peace 

May all beings be compassionate 

May all beings be wise 

So be it 

Be it so. 

RC Lamichhane and Robertson Work in 8th Human Global Conference Kathamndu 2012.

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