After the promulgation of the new constitution 2072, the country has been restructured in federal structures. The three-level governments have different roles and responsibilities as mentioned in the constitutions.  The local governments are responsible to develop the policy framework, development plan, acts, and their implementation at the local level.  They are responsible to deliver the quality of the services to local communities that they represent and serve.  

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Local governments are multi-task authorities responsible for delivering the broad ranges of the services in relation to the road, housing, education, health, environment, economic and community development, human rights, etc. that needs for quality of the life to survive.  Local governments are primarily responsible to ensure fundamental human rights, social inclusion, environmental conservation, and sustainable development at the local level. They can effectively perform their roles if they can develop a clear vision of their municipality. Eastern Research Institute of Positive Science (ERIPS) has been supporting local development government to develop the vision plan and strategic plan based on the preamble of new constitutions. ERIPS has developed the unique planning framework based on Appreciative Inquiry; Life Cycle; Social Artistry; Strengths-Based and Feminism. Based on the newly developed planning framework ERIPS has supportted to develop the vision plan; strategic plan and periodic plan of the following municipalities.

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SN Municipality Name District Collaborated Program Remarks
1 Dolkha District Coordination Committee Dolkha Vision Development Workshop Organized by DDC Dolkha
2 Rupa Rural Municipality Kaski Education and Development Plan Preparation Rupa Rural Municipality
2 Gauri Shankar Rural Municipality Dolkha 10 Years Vision Plan Preparation Gaurishankar Rural Municipality
3 Dharan Sub-Metro Politian City Sunsari Vision Preparation Workshop Dharan Sub-Metropolitan City
4 Birganj Metropolitan City Parsa Youth Leadership Development Birganj Metropolitan City
5 Thakur Baba Municipality Bardia 20 Years Development Master Plan Preparation CARE/Hariyo Ban and RECOFTC supported
6 Belaka Municipality Udayapur Periodic Plan Preparation HelVetas/NLR Supported
7 Bheem Dutta Municipality Kanchanpur 20 Years Master Plan Preparation CARE/WWF supported
8 Bhimad Municipality Tanahun 20 Yeas Master Plan Preparation Bimad Municipality
9 Airawati Rural Municipality Pyuthan Municipality Profile Preparation KDC Pyuthan Supported

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