On August 15, 2018, Youth Summit was organized by the Lions club of Birganj in collaboration with Birganj Metro Municipality and Yuva Samaj Birganj. Eastern Research Institute of Positive Science (ERIPS) provided the facilitation
 support in the program.   Total of 70 youths representing different colleges, schools and organizations participated in the program. The main objective of the program was to help develop positive thinking and attitude in the participants and also to motivate them to innovate creative ideas and positive action in their personal, professional and social life. The program was designed in the “Summit Model” where participants were given adequate opportunities to share their knowledge and experiences. This program has helped them revisit their potential and review their strengths and learning.

Participants had chances to understand the role and responsibilities of youth leadership in this dynamic world. With the advent of newer technologies and frequently changing information system many people find it difficult to cope up and comprehend with this changing scenario. But even if it’s the case, youths need to stay a step ahead and cope up with this changing world as quickly as they can. They need to be frequently updated with the authentic and genuine information in order to unleash their positive potential and compete globally. And to support the youths, a very positive and welcoming social environment needs to be created. Taking all these into account, the program was focused to develop the independent positive thinking techniques in participants, develop their self-confidence and help them in making wise decisions for their personal and professional life.

Also the program provided an insight into realizing one’s social responsibilities and effectively planning for newer future. As a part of the program, the youth involved themselves to discover their goal, strengths and learnings through mutual collaboration. This exercise helped them to review their strengths as well as potentials and ignited them to plan and dream big for themselves and devise conclusions on how their impact could create positive transformations in Birganj Metro-municipality. They also discussed about their possible contributions and its probable impact in their society. Along with that the discussion took a fresh and newer approach with talks on major sources of motivation and individual eternal power and what could be done to increase those eternal power. 

There are several positive changes that have occurred in this world that were initiated and led by the youth leaders. It would not be an overstatement to call youths as the leadership powerhouse. Their leadership potential can make Birgjanj one of the best cities of the world. After huge discussion, the participants expressed their commitment to make Birganj one of the best cities in Nepal in-terms of physical, political, cultural and technological aspects. The participants realized that small change in the mindset and perception of citizens of Birganj can have larger and long-term impacts in the society. Keeping this thing in mind they came out with a breakthrough project for cleaning their city every Saturday. They will invite other young people, their colleagues, friends, neighbors and more people to clean alongside them as volunteers and increase the number of people involved in this campaign. This will obviously have a positive impact in the society. Also the participants have realized that the conversations that included topics on weaknesses, frustration, disappointment was one of the major contributors for status quo and negative society.

To change this negative vibe that directly results in negative consequences in society, positive dialogue and optimistic outlook needs to be adapted. As a small change participant have agreed to create positive vocabulary for their daily conversations to develop a positive outlook in their life and build healthier, stronger relationships with people around them. Through this it is apparent that the participants realize the power of positive conversations to create the new realities in the society. They have agreed that if the youths of the city lead the positive campaigns, the society will follow them, and new social culture will evolve.

The participants were found very excited and enthusiastic after the program as the program was completely different from conventional programs was new and inspirational.




It was very inspirational programme for the youth of today n specially for youth of Birgunj. Sukhal Chaudhary





Highly energetic Program – Prakash Tharu





Hey there!
I always hear about such interaction programs and workshops, but it was the first time I got into it. It was not only an event that emphasized the achievements and aspects to be improved but it too gave a chance to the youths like me who perhaps, are already engaging themselves in the development of #Birgunj. I got an opportunity to interact with many distinguished personalities of #Birgunj. I am so grateful to me that I participated in the program even I knew about it at midnight, almost 12 hours from the start of the program. I am thankful to Dr. Ram Chandra Lamichhane and Dr. Bhishma Kumar Bhushal for their invaluable time to realize us that they can all do is to show us the way while we are the one who should be a loyal leader and moreover, a good learner.
Last but not the least, thanking the organizing committee for the opportunity to express ourselves, I would like to say I was already thoughtful to serve my society, town and nation and now I have determined it.
I must say, “Once in life, leave your birthplace and explore others. You will simply know your achievements and defects.”
Thank you!   Vivek Barnawal


P.S. They have shared their views in ERIPS’  and their own facebook wall.

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