Dr. Kamal Lamichhane has been short listed as top 20 outstanding contributors of the world. He has been nominated as an outstanding
contributor on academic leadership and accomplishment . Till date, he is the first Nepalese to be short listed. from these 20 nominees, JCI
selects 10 outstanding young persons (TOYP) in different sectors from
world and decorates them with award. The former president of US Mr.
John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford and Bill Clinton were awarded by this decoration within America. Now the voting poll is open. We can vote for Kamal before 24 August and make Nepal to be
awarded. To vote for him we can go to:
https://toyp.jci.cc and like the information written about Dr. Lamichhane. The number of the votes received determine the winners.
Please do share the link after vote and also request your facebook and
witter friend to vote for him.

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