Kathmandu, Chiatanya Academy in collaboration with Eastern Research Institute of Positive Science is organizing a National Conference on “Peace, Prosperity and Happiness” on 28-29 September 2018 in Dhulikhel Nepal. This conference is targeted to bring the consent of the experts of various fields for Nation-Building; encouraged by the overwhelming response from the participants and observers and based on organizers’ own analysis on the need to continue with such programs.

After the promulgation of new constitution 2072 in Nepal; the major national agenda has been shifted from political stability to sustainable and rapid economic and social development of the country. The new constitution has been institutionalized the federal republic of democratic Nepal. The new setup of the ruling system has been allowing marginalized and back warded community to be a part of the governing system. The political rights of all segments of the people has been ensured by the new constitutions. The recent election of all 3 tires governing system have been created wide space for local people to be participated in the sustainable economic development process of the country. Now, the peace, prosperity and happiness are the central agenda for the country. As we stand on the threshold of the new political system, it is high time to look forward and design the new methodologies for people’s participation in the development process for the bright future for the country and people. To make the country more vibrant and successful every organization need to be contributed for the positive causes to build the peace, prosperous and happy society in Nepal.

This conference has  anticipated to contribute the government initiatives for peace, prosperity and happiness.  Chaitanya Academy Nepal has been organizing a national conference every year as part of corporate social responsibility. The 4th series of the conferences have been accomplished successfully and this year conference on “Peace, Prosperity and Happiness has been proposed on 28th -29th of September. This year, Eastern Research Institute of Positive Science has been providing technical support for this conference.

This Conference aims to bring together leading development experts, scientists, researchers, policy makers, scholars to exchange and their experiences and research findings. It also provides an interdisciplinary platform for policy makers, researchers and practitioners to present and discuss most recent innovation, trends as well as practices in the field of peace, prosperity and happiness. The themes of conference search linkages with the policy reforms, economic growth, good governance, policy formation, climate change and sustainable development etc. The conference will search the way forward for appropriate models of country’s development. 


This grand annual program also aims to:

  • Highlight on the pivotal aspects of bringing prosperity via policy discussion, formulation and implementation.
  • Impart knowledge; develop strategies and techniques among the participants for the prosperous Nepal from various dimensions in the federal-structure.
  • Assist the pace of development by nurturing and institutionalizing the federalism,
  • Initiate the concrete philosophy amidst the participants for the vigorous living and life-style.
  • Retaliate the loopholes of prosperous Nepal and bestow the roadmap for the giant leap in the peace, prosperity and development of Nepal
  • Ensure refinement of personalities to revitalize the belief and confidence for the happy, prosperous and just Nepal.

This is open registration program and interested individual or organizational representatives can register for the participation.

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