Dr. Kamal Lamichhane

Junior Chamber International that is active in 125 Countries around the globe selected Dr. Kamal Lamichhane among the 10 outstanding People that have contributed in various sectors around the globe. This award also holds name to many famous international personalities. American Presidents namely John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton were also awarded with this honor.

Located in 125 countries, the office of JCI recommends people from various sectors for this nomination. This year, JCI Nepal recommended Dr. Kamal Lamichhane for this Nomination. The selection is based on the people who are below the age of 40 and contributed remarkably on their field. Initially, 20 People are recommended by the JCI office across the globe and short-listed to top 10 as per the votes they receive from the online polling.

According to JCI, the president of the JCI Mr. Alawa Ban-Ki Moon along with Jury of the Chief Executive and five members of Center for Global Citizens finalized the 10 outstanding people. The Nominated top 10 Outstanding People will be honored in the World Conference that is going to be organized from Ocotber 30 – November Goa, India.

Dr. Lamichhane was born with visual impairment and was not reached with education until the age of 12. When he was able to attend school, he was curious to learn about the situations of students and people with disabilities. This made him realize the necessity of the opportunities that had to be provided to the people with disabilities.

Dr. Lamichhane is the first person with visual impairment to obtain a doctorate degree in Nepal. He did his Bachelors from Tribhuwan University Nepal and  Graduate and Doctorate from Japan. He did Appreciative Inquiry Certification for Igniting Positive Business and Societal Transformation from Case Western Reserve University, USA. He was always curious about the rights and opportunities of the people with the disabilities and has always considered his integral duty to make community understand about the social welfare and equal opportunities of people with diverse specialties. This was the sole purpose he carried with him ever since he got a chance to be at the school.

During his stay in Japan, he learned about the infrastructure that was developed focused to the people with disability. This helped him to compare the access that was provided in Japan and in Nepal for the people with the disabilities. Having studied at one of the best nations that support better life to all kinds of people regardless of their complications, certainly built the bridge for Dr. Lamichhane to focus deep into the studies of Disability, education and economic leverage to provide people with complications. This was his main agenda behind acquiring a doctoral degree.

He is prominent in working in the academic field where he advocates about eliminating the myths and false assumptions about the people with disabilities and generating investment in the field of Disability. This is certainly groundbreaking when it comes to improving access to Disability in the country like Nepal. Dr. Lamichhane believes that development should touch all levels of the community and should influence the collaboration to reaching the common benchmark for the society. He works as an Associate Professor in the University of Tsukuba, where he is affiliated in development of education that is inclusive of people regardless of their physical disabilities across all levels of education.

He is also notable in serving as an expert in important meetings that drafted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with a goal of ensuring strong presence of Disability Sector.

Dr. Lamichhane is found in numerous articles, journals, keynote speeches and planning commissions across the globe and is actively involved in upgrading the life of People with Disabilities related to Education, Economic and Development sectors. He is a dedicated advocate and veteran in fostering social inclusion to ensure lives of disabled people.

ERIPS Online shares this note to congratulate Dr. Lamichhane on his selection in JCI Ten Outstanding Persons of the World.


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