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Moreover, in the era of Computing and Rocket Industry, Youths of Nepal have to be very focused on how they can utilize the global market shift on a universal level. Right now, the nation is at the verge of developmental paradigm and there are lots of opportunities that could be prospered within this context. While politically, it is very salient that the nation has stepped into the 5-year stable government policy and the business environment is secured for achieving fulfilling goals. On this aspect the question on what today’s youth can achieve with all of the opportunities that is flowing and create a background that is supporting on a national level or even impact internationally?

Being involved in the everyday changes of the society is one key aspect of the role today’s youth are required to play in the society. Youths are the pillars for the development of the Society as far as the renewal, refreshment and maintenance of the society is concerned. While the previous position of the Elders must be renewed by the younger generation, the youths are required to preserve and protect the culture and tradition provided by their ancestors. Youth have a role to upgrade the current status of the society in all aspects such as Leadership, Innovations, and Skills etc. In a modern era where technology is advancing to its super limits, it is a primary responsibility of the youth to advance the current technology and other traditional agendas that involve technology, education, and politics with a collaborative approach to secure and establish peace in the nation.

Meanwhile, the nation is still under the poverty line of around 25% and we have around 70% of Literacy rate. Economically the country is still one of the poorest and underdeveloped and politically has recently been stable. While, in this situation, it is still a praiseworthy fact that we are at the very bright age even compared to the history of Nepal on reference of Political and Social aspect. The country is totally safe from revolutionaries and mass-riots. That means, the lands are open to any opportunities that today’s humanpower could unleash or properly utilize. The prospects of today’s youth in contributing to society could be very positively seen when it comes to the involvement in eradicating Poverty by generating local level income resources. There are many examples of Youths in this initiation and have successfully generated better outcome in helping develop better community lives. This is important and remarkable when the nation is in tough motivation in leveraging the national status on economic level.

At the present context, while the neighboring countries India and China are rapidly working their way out in huge economic boost and notably stand among the list of top 5 economic power of the world while china being the first, there is a huge chance for our nation to be benefitted from this remarkable achievement that lies beyond the border. At the same time, the prospects of flourishing the business are always fruitful and never out of trend.  There are possibilities in expanding business from India and China or from other neighboring countries and develop our economy. Many homegrown products like Woolen and Carpets can find market in a huge basis. Moreover, when it comes to Nepali Business, it is very important to expand the business market and find new trading points and amplify the value of Nepali Products. Nepal is yet to be developed Industrial Wise and establishment of more Industries should be kept on the priority, as it is a very powerful source to uplift the nation on large-scale economy. Youths are a powerful factor in the Industry regardless of the field of the Industry.

Young people are the most energizing age group and one’s potential can be utilized fully during their youth. This is an appropriate time to utilize and regulate the idea in a proper way. This will lead to proper enthusiasm and ideas that are regulated and utilized in a proper way, then the youth can create a revolution that will shape the world in a positive way. Bill Gates started Microsoft in his late teen that is one of the most valuable companies in the world. There are many examples of youth changing the world. In Nepal too, there are lots of youth that are active on huge scale and changing the countries paradigm on their related fields. The role of youth in the development of the nation is not specific. It comprises of many elements connected together for a productive outcome. However, the main role of an individual would be to develop himself or herself, pursue good education and earn a strong degree. Later, become a qualified manpower on their profession. This is always a priority for any youth at the present context. Youth is responsible to inquire about every single political and economic policy of the nation and take concern if the policies are unbiased and beneficiary for the overall development of the nation. The country can only prosper only if the Young Citizens of the country are honest and aware about the development and progress of the nation. Youth has to be vigilant and active and educate those who come behind. Youth must never lose sight of the necessity of being vigilant lest they doom their future.

Youth represent more than 40% of the country’s overall population. This is very hopeful and in fact beneficial. The large mass of the country is young and can be utilized in any fields, sectors and intensity. Moreover, the new generations represent the future development of a country. It is the responsibility of the youth to raise issues and carry out campaigns on the social related topics and/or help on the on-going activities in the community. There are many young people who volunteer in NGOs that raise topics on diverse subjects. Volunteering is increasingly popular, mechanism for young people to bring about positive change in society, and it is becoming very relevant as a mechanism to engage young people in global peace and sustainable human development. Nepal needs a lot of awareness program on many rural development subjects about Literacy, Women Empowerment, Sanitation, Employment, Small-Level Enterprise and other related topics. Youth can be a powerful-source to complement formal education in teaching the skills that are required for the job market. This is especially important when there is a huge necessity in current global economic downturn, where competition for jobs is increasing.

With all said, there is a need for youths to develop interpersonal skills to meet the proficiency that they would require to become a strong manpower for the nation. Interpersonal skills involve proper communication and interaction with other people, both individually and in groups. People with strong interpersonal skills are often successful. Thus, it is very important for today’s youth to build up competitive interpersonal skills and gain field-related exposure for their career. New elements are in play on a global level and it is must be required to be engaged with all of the updates that come with the development of the technology and trends globally. Nepalese youth can be renowned in the international market largely only if they could improvise their learning and expertise to a greater circle and develop sustainable solutions targeting the global agendas and issues. But moreover, the level of awareness and motivation is how we can mobilize today’s youth to achieve more in their life for the common good of the country and the countrymen.



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