Program Venue: Hotel Raniban Arcade Pokhara

Raniban Foundation organized ‘Appreciative Inquiry for Positive Youth Development’ on September 21 & 22. The main aim of the program was to provide an insight on the benefits of Appreciative Inquiry in the development of the positive leadership, entrepreneurship and overall development of the youths that attended the summit. The summit was conducted on the collaboration of Eastern Research Institute of Positive Science. Mr. Kush Bhujel, the executive director of Raniban Foundation has expressed the commitment for further expansion of such program all over the country in collaboration with various sectors. 

 On the purpose of conducting society-oriented initiatives as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Raniban Arcade has started Raniban Foundation. On the same purpose, the Foundation organized this summit to call prospective youths from various fields to come together and discuss about the potentials that could be implemented to bring positive development in an individual and in society. The summit also gained beneficial answers on how Raniban Foundation can be an integral part to contribute on the on-going developmental welfares of Lakeside Area or in the Pokhara Valley as a whole.

The Summit was Hosted by Raniban Arcade Foundation, a social initiation of Hotel Raniban Arcade.   Dr. R.C Lamichhane, who is also a CEO of Eastern Research Institute of Positive Science (ERIPS), Certified Trainer of Appreciative Inquiry for Igniting Positive Business and Societal Transformation and Corporate Advisor of Hotel Raniban Arcade has facilitated the Summit. Mrs. Rebina MulmiBajracharya, also shared her experiences about the Entrepreneurship and the importance of positive practice of Entrepreneurship for effective Business Development.

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There were more than 25 young entrepreneurs as Participants from various fields and sectors of Pokhara that involved Hospitality, Sports, Banking, Education, Tourism, Automobiles, Technology, Clothing, Event Management and Law. The participants shared stories about their root causes of success on life, relationships and career. It was very personal and life-inspiring to hear from various participants about their life experiences.

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Overall, the Appreciative Inquiry Approach was established on dealing with the situations associated with life, relationship and building with the AI 4-D Model of Discover, Dream, Design and Destiny. The participants were able to understand the process of Appreciative Inquiry and how it could be implemented on various situations. Here, it was primarily focused on Personal Development and Entrepreneurship.  The dreaming phase of the summit made them more excited and creative. Various innovative and creative dreams were crafted and shared, which have been inspiring them to move forward in positive direction as they reflected in the closing session. The youth of the summit designed new project to lead the positive initiative in Pokhara. They named the initiative as “Connection Positive Pokhara”. To implement this initiative, they have decided to form a network among them. This initiative has aimed to connect all the young students to make the clean and secure Pokhara.


Rebina MulmiBajracharya, Founder Director, Entrepreneurship Journey

I have been travelling around Nation talking about Entrepreneurship. There are lots of opportunities in Nepal. All the 75 districts have that Potentiality and I am always trying to catch that potentiality. We always complain about the nation’s governmental body regarding entrepreneurship, but private sector can also really do Entrepreneurship Development. The key to this development is Positivity.


Baibhav Paudel CEO, Hotel Barahi

I am happy to be a part of this program. Being here surrounded by youth makes me feel young myself. Regardless of other programs I had to attend today, I preferred to come to this program. It was interesting to meet and learn with new and younger generation. I really enjoyed this program.





Suraj Shrestha MD @ Skoda Pokhara

The program was inspiring and full of new ideas and innovations. We should not just think positive, learn positive but also it is highly important to share positivity.

— Entrepreneur Automobile Sector





Love Bhujel Executive Director, Peace Eye Travel

There are lots of process of positivity. We have been learning since childhood but the problem in us is that we hurry in supplying to others rather than applying to ourselves. For youths, the future is bright we just need to uplift ourselves. The major components to achieving success is Aim, Commitment and Will Power. We must be responsible to increase our qualification.









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