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Dharan Sub-Metropolitan in association with Eastern Research Institute of Positive Science organized an Appreciative Inquiry Based Training program titled “Development Management and Leadership Development for Positive Transformation”. It was a 2- Day Training program organized in Hotel Tamor Valley, Bhedetar, Dhankuta from September 25-26.

The main purpose of the Training Program was to refresh the leadership scenario of the participants on they could develop new approaches to leadership using Appreciative Inquiry Approach. The participants of the training program included Municipality Officials, Representatives of Women Network of Dharan and Elected Representatives from the various wards of Municipalities. The training program was organized on the Chairmanship of the Mayor of Dharan Sub-Metropolitan Municipality Mrs. Manju Subedi Bhandari.

The main objective of the training program was to identify tools and resources on the local level, and explore the possibilities of effective utilization of the resources to find and a common platform for inclusive and societal oriented laws that could uplift the lifestyle of the community for positive transformation and develop strategies that are scientifically managed to bring a quality transformation on the life of the people that could inspire to lead for the Positive Transformation of the Sub-Metropolitan.

The training program started with some questionnaires that revolved around the personal lives of the Participants on which participants had to go deep within their memories and write upon on some moments that built up their introduction. These answers were the driving elements of the training program. The participants had to work on their own personal traditions to bring up a valuable upliftment to their present scenario. The training was divided onto various sessions under different themes that were designed specifically in orientation to the agenda of the Training Program. The participants discussed on various questionnaires and tasks on each session that sought answers to the various sectors of an individual development. The goal was not just to analyse the personal values nevertheless discuss the same scenario among the participants and study how everyone had a different opinion on the same context. This helped to build the framework for the main agenda of the Training as the participants were able to link each other on a very personal level i.e at the grassroot, to collaborate on the developmental aspects of the society or in duty they have been assigned. This was the core principle as the purpose of the training was to seek a common ground for the development of the Sub-Metropolitan. The aspects that were discussed on this training program were primarily on the topics of Politics, Society and Development driven the common ground of personal values.

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The facilitator of the Training Program, Dr. R.C Lamichhane said “The development and the scenario of the society is primarily focused upon the culture on which it is established. The positive transformation can only occur if the development is focused to build based on those virtues of the society.” The participants shared valuable ideas on how this could be achieved. The participants were from diverse societal backgrounds and had lot to share about their struggles and learnings; and how this all helped to make them where they are today. This all helped to bridge the route to the major topic of the training program about exploring Opportunities, Possibilities and Sectors of Dharan Sub-Metropolitan Municipality.

Being in the responsible position of the Municipality, the participants shared their willingness to transform Dharan into one of the best cities of Nepal on cultural, social, political, economic and developmental aspects. The participants discussed in a group came out with many ideas for the transformation. By the end of their tenure, the team as whole wants to secure Dharan as East Business Development Hub, develop the city unbiased with any social customs that are prevailed currently, be recognized as clean, managed, safe and disability-friendly city, successfully practice political free education system with an aim to achieve 100% literacy, develop national level/Earthquake safe infrastructures , Airport, Stadiums, Multi-Cultural/Caste Museums and Transportation Systems, and provide national-level health facilities. Politically, the municipality wants to promote Collaborative, Selfless, High-standard Politics.

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The participants shared plans to achieve this target. To transform this vision into reality, the participants came up with the conclusion to consult with the related experts about the possibilities of this vision, handover everyone’s responsibility in realizing, planning and executing the task. The Mayor of the Sub-Metropolitan Mrs. Manju Subedi Bhandari said “The program was very fruitful and informative. I found the participants were also very positive about the program. It is very necessary to understand that Physical Development is incomplete without Individual Development. The prime concern for modern development is to connect the human manpower to technology. The minimum funds we require in 2 to 5 percent does not fulfil the town requirement. At present context, we require a quantum jump in the economical development. Our municipality has always prioritised fulfilling task qualitatively even by adding extra municipality funds when necessary. The United Nations is changing the state of Nepal from the list of Least Developed Nations to Developing Nations. In this state, the nation might not be able to receive funds like it has been receiving. As the funds are not so available, the development is dependent on loan. So, it is necessary to utilise funds sensibly and there should be high credibility in proper asset valuation. Thus, it is very important to build up positive thinking and will power.”

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The participants highly acknowledged this training program organized by the Municipality. The training program proved highly successful in helping participants in reviewing their past, it helped to analyse their present and prepare the coming future in a way that would prosper their personal development in a sustainable and efficient manner. In addition to the personal development and preparedness, the participants were able to put this concept in a broad aspect and embrace inclusiveness at a societal level to achieve productivity. The collaborative approach of the team prepared a roadmap to envisioning Dharan as a 21-century prominent city and not only the best among the nation, but a heard-of among the south Asian cities as well. This was dynamic in unleashing the potentials of the participants in the training.

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