Imagine Nepal (IN), established by the practitioners of Appreciative Inquiry in 2001, is a non-political, non-profit social movement dedicated to helping create the positive future of Nepal and Nepalese.  IN believes that positive transformation of the society is possible through the quality use strength-based approaches including appreciative inquiry.  IN successfully organized the Appreciative Inquiry Summit for Peace and Development in 2005, the Fourth World Appreciative Inquiry Conference in 2009 in Nepal, the First National Appreciative Inquiry Conference in 2014 and many more interactive and learning events. Imagine Nepal is organizing a First Provincial Conference on Appreciative Inquiry on December 4-6, 2018 (Mangsir 18-20, 2075) at Pauwa Hotel, Bhairahawa Nepal.

As we see around us towards the human system, social system or natural system- we see and interpret some aspects as positive and some others as negative.  The positive aspects are those that give us positive energy generating joy, bliss, happiness, fulfillment, empowerment, and satisfaction.  At the other hand negative aspects are those that produce negative energy not only eroding joy, bliss and happiness but breeding difficulty, sadness, sorrow, anger, misery, and many more troubles.  Human society has been struggling for generations to fight with negative element in order to increase positive elements. Though the ancient sages recognized the value of positivity, the modern society lagged behind in utilizing them.  Positivity has been remained untapped resources until few decades ago.  Only recently the scientists, researchers and educators recognized its value and developed theory and approaches like Appreciative Inquiry (AI), the science of positivity, the positive psychology, positive education and many more positive approaches for the change and development.

Imagine Nepal believes that the Appreciative Inquiry and other positive approaches of change and development have a great potential to attain the human imagination of prosperity and happiness. AI is based on the principle that human system moves in the direction of what they focus and study.  It deliberately focuses the attention, dialogue and learning on what gives life, when it is at its best.  Ever since the evolution of human beings in the Earth, people are striving for prosperity and happiness though getting these are very strenuous task and even a mystifying phenomenon to some extent. Nevertheless, getting prosperity and happiness is the mission of all countries, communities and individuals around the globe.  The current federal government including all provincial governments are aspiring towards the path of prosperity.

With this background, Imagine Nepal is pleased to announce the “First Provincial Conference on Appreciative Inquiry: Unleashing the science and art of positivity to achieve the prosperity” from December 4-6, 2018 in Bhairahawa, Province No 5.  The conference aims to bring together the political leaders, government officials, bankers, educational leaders, researchers, scholars, practitioners, learners of Appreciative Inquiry and the science of positivity to share and learn together the best way these positive approaches of change and development contributing to achieve the mission of prosperity and happiness.  The conference will consists of a number of colorful and meaningful keynote sessions, engaging breakout sessions, workshops, panel discussions and learning events in the following themes:


  1. Prosperity: Understanding what is and what is not prosperity. How to balance economic, social, cultural, and environmental considerations in achieving prosperity.  How to strategize and design systems, plans, and procedures to achieve the prosperity.
  2. Power of Vision: Envisioning the Province: Understand the power of vision and collectively envision what kind of province do we like to see. A workshop comprising participants from different sectors will create a vision of the province for 2030 which is challenging but achievable.
  3. Governance: Exploring the linkages among the governance, security, justice and development. How best can we transform our governance system?
  4. Health and Education: How do we achieve good health and wellness? How do we create a safe and supportive learning environment for students and teachers?  How do we blend academic learning with character and well-being. How to create a healthy population that survive longer and is more intelligent? How to ensure quality health and education to every citizen as envisaged by the Constitution?
  5. Entrepreneurship, Employment and Livelihoods: What can we learn from the best practices of entrepreneurship, employment generation and livelihood development. What factors are necessary for household economic development? How to create win-win environment between employer and employee?
  6. Environment and Climate change: What the world is calling for to address the challenges of environmental issues and climate change? How to build climate change resilient ecosystem and communities? How do we create strategy to use climate smart technology?
  7. Media, Social Media and Social Change: How do we increase the role of media and social media for the positive social transformation?
  8. Socio-cultural diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Social Justice: What are the issues/factors of unity in diversity? How a rainbow/prism can be created from different socio-cultural groups? and How to heighten equity, inclusion and social justice?
  9. Happiness, Blissful life, and Unleashing Inner Human Excellence: How best can we achieve happiness and blissful life? What are the factors of inner human excellence for happiness and blissful life. What are the values of oriental philosophy, human values, and character ethics for the happiness and blissful life.

Conference program:

The 3-day conference will feature the following programs:

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

  • Conference Inauguration
  • Keynote Presentation on Appreciative Inquiry
  • Building Common Understanding on Prosperity
  • Envisioning the Province

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

  • Keynote Presentation on Governance
  • Parallel Workshops in Breakout Rooms
  • Panel Discussion

Thursday, December 6, 2018

  • Keynote Presentation on Transforming Organization
  • Open Space Invitation for Collective Engagement
  • Panel Discussion
  • Closing


The conference will feature a number of keynote presentations and many interactive breakout sessions, workshops, and panel discussions.

The keynote presentations will include:

  • Accelerating Prosperity with Appreciative Inquiry by Prof Lindsey Godwin, David Cooperrider Centre for Appreciative Inquiry, USA
  • Governance: Transforming Governance for Security, Justice and Development under Federal System by Mr Damodar Gautam, former Chief Secretary, Government of Nepal.
  • Transforming Organization for the Benefit of People by Mr Kulman Ghising, MD, Nepal Electricity Authority



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