Professor Dr. Bharat Raj Pahari has started a Hotel Sarowar in Pokhara. The hotel is affiliated with the Swiss International chain. Hotel Sarowar is regarded as one of the unique hotel in the city.  Let us know more details of the hotel from Prof. Pahari.


How do you want to introduce Hotel Sarowar?

An unique upscaled hotel by the side of Fewa lake, Pokhara, truly representing nature and culture of Nepal.

There are lots of good hotel in Pokhara. Why should the customers choose hotel Sarowar to stay in Pokhara?

Normally, hotels are marked with their comfort features and services. Sarowar has been designed considering international hospitality standards. Customer shall enjoy high class- foods, rooms, recreation, etc. Moreover, the operation of hotel has been entrusted to swiss international- better known as high value hospitality culture in Europe. Besides, Hotel is in the heart of Lakeside.

What are the unique features available in Hotel Sarowar, that that makes guest happier and healthier?

There are so many features incorporated in the hotel so as to provide comfort and satisfaction to the guests. Some of those features are as follows;

  1. Climate responsive hotel:

Hotel has been designed, based on composite climate of Pokhara, with energy efficient principle. Building is made of heat and sound insulated by the use of insulated concrete panels walls and double glazing in the windows of the rooms. This wall is made in such a way that there is 50mm EPS at the middle, secured by wire-meshes from both-side, 37 mm concreting, 12mm plaster and 3mm putty surface, etc. Primary source of electricity in the hotel is solar energy. Hotel is using geo-thermal techniques for the heating and cooling of two floors by the use of earth air tunnel. All organic solid-wastes are recycled and resulting to bio-gas and organic manure production. Grey water is treated before letting it go to underground. All these features signify hotel truly a climate responsive building.

2. Energy efficiency in the building

Hotel has been designed to save energy consumption. The walls are insulated, and the windows are double glazed. These techniques are instrumental in maintaining relatively stable room temperature. The air-conditioning equipment are inverter type thus saving energy. Hotel has installed solar system of 140 kw capacity which is the primary source of energy in the building. Besides, natural air temperature has been used for the heating and cooling in two floors thus saving use of active energy.

3. Environment friendly design

Hotel building is a green building. All the construction materials used in the buildings are such that they emit minimum pollutants. Even the bricks are not used in the walls due to the fact that it produces substantial quantity of pollutants during production. All windows are lead-free materials. All paints are green certified. Besides, grey water is treated before letting it to the ground. All organic solid-wastes are recycled and bio gas is produced. The digested sludge is heated and formed organic manure. Green environment is maintained inside and in the surroundings.

4. Reflection of oriental culture

Nepalese culture is enriched with philosophy and ecological background. The philosophy is driven by the Hinduism and Buddhism.  It elaborates all dimension of life and society. All human treaties are reflected by different mandals, yentras and chakras. The interior of hotel is designed with these yentras and chakras based on the functional use of spaces. The guest will come in-touched with true Nepalese cultural elements in the hotel.

How does hotel Sarowar can contribute to the society, humanity and mother earth?

We, the promoters, are very sensitive on the preservation of nature and culture. Building is climate responsive and all the materials used are environment friendly. All solid-wastes are recycled. Grey water is treated with sand filter before disposal. Our efforts are to minimize the load to the mother earth. We are emphasizing on solar energy-natural source of energy instead of using active energy. We want to contribute society and humanity as a part of corporate social responsibility (CSR) to the extent of certain percentage of net income.

What is your dream to promote the tourism in Nepal?

We are truly dreaming economical prosperity of the country and happiness of the people. We want to create employment and rollover local economy. Through this hospitality industry, we want to contribute and promote agro-based local and small industries in community level.

Do you think hotel Sarowar can contribute for SDGs?

The whole concept of hotel sarowar is sustainable building design thus contributing to sustainable development goals



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