NLR Nepal is a non-profit, non-religious & non-political development organization working in Nepal for over 40 years. It promotes health, specifically in making the country free of leprosy and inclusion of persons affected by Leprosy by enhancing their ability. NLR started its operation in Nepal in 1977. NLR is mainly involved in Leprosy, disabilities and inclusive development.  In addition to leprosy and disabilities, NLR Nepal has supported the Tuberculosis (TB) program of Nepal in Far Western region of the country from 1994 – 2013. NLR Nepal widened its area of support to Inclusive Development from 2010 on-wards.

To develop the appreciative inquiry skill to its officers, NLR Nepal in collaboration with Eastern Research Institute of Positive Science has organized a two days training. The main objective of the training was to transfer the Appreciative Inquiry skill to officials So that they can apply Appreciative Inquiry in their organizations as well as personal life including following specific objectives;

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  • Make them able to understand and facilitate the Appreciative Inquiry Training
  • Make them able to identify the positive core in any adverse or worst situation so that they bring the positive change in their organizations and life
  • Plan to implement solutions at work or in their personal life to achieve their professional or personal goals.
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The training was focused to impart the thinking, design and applied skills to inquire the life giving forces in any adverse situation and linked up with NLR programs. The attention was given to generate the positive transformation by using Appreciative Inquiry at the individual, group and society level. The participants has chance to understand the theoretical background of the Appreciative Inquiry with its principal. They also experienced the application of appreciative Inquiry in personal and professional life by practice of the 4 “D” cycle.

They had chance to discover their personal and organizational strengths, positive cores, learning and desire in Discovery exercise. This exercise created the wow feelings and motivated them to increase their strengths and positive cores. The Dream exercise helped them to broaden their personal and organizational scope and empowered to think creative and innovative way for further betterment. New strategies and system develop techniques based on the positive cores, strengths and new dream was exercised during the design practice. The participants developed the provocative proposition as “Peace, prosperous and happy society with the dignified life” and organizations strategies for effective implementation of the program. They also develop the actions plan based on the new dream.

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The participants found it was the new experiences and learned so many new things that are relevant for personal and professional life. The training has challenged to the thinking system and motivated to adapt the new thinking based on positive cores, strengths, dream and desire.

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